Monday, October 27, 2008

Travel ball comes to an end

I have mixed feelings about the end our travel ball season. It was a great learning experience for Kylee and we did have a lot of fun on the trips we took, but I have to admit I am ready for a break. Kylee was asked to join the Montgomery Angels this fall. She had a blast pitching and playing 3rd base. We didn't have a lot of success in bringing home trophies after each tournament, but that was not the goal for this group. The coaches of this team wanted to really focus on building relationships between these girls that would last forever. They do in fact hope to bring home more trophies in the future and they feel that building a good team of girls that get along and work together will accomplish that. It was a little less competitive than John liked but it was probably good for him to be around coaches that really just wanted the girls to build memories and have fun! I do have to brag that we came in 2nd place this weekend which was a nice way to end our season!

Our last night together at dinner, the coaches gave Kylee and one other girl that would not be able to play next year because of their age a small angel charm to always remember they were an angel. So sweet! Thank you Coach Glen and Coach Daryl!!
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