Monday, June 23, 2008

more pics from this week

I had to re post these pictures because they didn't open up on my blog the first time. Hopefully I will get better at this blogging thing one day :-)
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Loving my Life!!

What a week! We just ended our week long vacation in Orange Beach. I was so blessed as a child to have great family vacations and I am thrilled that so far I have been able to do the same with my family. We stayed at the Pheonix VI this year. It was a great condo but it seemed like we hiked at least a mile to the beach and back everyday. John was such a good husband and Dad to lug back and forth our chairs, radio, cooler and everything else you need for a fun day at the beach :-)
We enjoyed the sun, the water, the sand, and tons of jellyfish! I have never seen so many in my life! We were all stung several times, but that did not keep Kylee and Payton out of the water. In fact, Payton got to where he was catching about ten jellyfish a day with his crabbing net (yes they were that bad!) and would bury them in the sand. And Kylee continued to boogie board with the occasional break to ice down a sting. I'm glad that they did not let it keep them from having fun. Now for Mollie and I , we decided to play it safe and enjoyed building our sand castles and making our sand soup (our secret recipe of sand and ocean water).
We also enjoyed our favorite restaurants like Sea-n-Suds, Lu Lu's, and The Original Oyster House. I'm sure I've gained at least 5 pounds! At night we played old family favorite games like Yahtzee and went crabbing on the beach. My parents came with us this year so the kids loved playing with Paw Paw and laughing at his jokes. Great memories!
We all loved getting to travel to the beautiful beaches and staying in a great condo, but it doesn't really matter where you go or where you stay. It's just important to get away from the rush of life and to remember who your kids really are and for them to get to do that same with Mom and Dad. My favorite moments this week where sitting back and watching my kids get along and seeing my whole family just LAUGH!

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good times

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Last night Kylee's softball season came to an end. We came in 2nd place out of the three AUM teams which was a little surprising with the 7-8 record that we had, but that's not the important thing. right?? Kylee came home last night and told me that she was so ready for a break , and then got the call this morning that she made the allstar team:-) She is happy that she made the team but not looking forward to practicing everyday (yes everyday) in the 95 degree heat for the next few weeks. I am very very proud of her! She has become quite the athlete and I love being there to support her. I included a few pictures from last nights game of Kylee in action on the pitcher's mound.

Kylee in action

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Fun filled Saturday!!

What a day we had Saturday. We started it off with a great baseball game. Our team has done so well this season. We are 12-0!! Payton is having a great time and learning a lot. I posted a few pictures from the game. Payton thinks he is cool with his game face on and he is ready for action.
After the game we headed to Prattville for some fun at the farm. We celebrated all of the May birthdays and Sarah's graduation from college. We enjoyed good food and family. The kids rode horses, played croquet and other fun games that Uncle Donnie had planned. Donnie and Sherrie have stepped up and taken over where Granny and PawMac left off and kept our Mcfarlin traditions going. They are the best!
I have posted several pictures. Probably too many but I want to remember them all. They are not in the order that I wanted but I am still learning this blogging thing. So bear with me.

Pics from the game

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more pictures

Mollie and cousin Mckenna
We love cousin Sarwa!!
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Fun pictures from Saturday

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